SPAN Idaho

Region 3 -  West Idaho Chapter

Region Three


Third Thursday of each month at 12:00 p.m./noon

The Bird Stop, Yote Vault, 702 Main St, Caldwell, ID

A light lunch is provided- so RSVP!


Melisa Blackwell, Co-Chair

Nate Bonovitz, Co-Chair 

**Coming soon to Boise: free suicide prevention CONFERENCE & TRAINING DAY
JUNE 23 & 24, 2017 **

Current 2017 Spring Events:

1. Please join us as we learn how to better serve and reach our region heavily impacted by suicides by gunshot wounds. We are redirecting to and preparing for a positive, safety and prevention outreach to the many gun owners in West Idaho through a competitive target range event tentatively set for 7 OCT 2017.

2. Clinicians: Subject Matter Expert Dr. Bryan , Free Webinar! 3.

3. Distributing free gunlocks, 'warning sign' wallet cards and other Idaho SP Hotline items at the monthly meetings

-See you April 20th!


Thank you Cynthia Mauzerall for heart filled service to SPAN Reg 3 and for completing our 2016 Financials and statements. Thanks for being such a great mentor to Nate and I!

Thank you Julie Dick for encouraging Spanish Wallet Cards and Posters in our region and for looking for sponsors for West Idaho- you're an invaluable volunteer and inspiring survivor!

Thank you DHW SP Office Rebecca Sprague for the Gun Shop Project and Idaho Safe Storage Task Force briefing during our March 2017 meeting!

Distributed free suicide prevention awareness items and aprox. 300 gun locks at the Idaho Counseling Association Conference 2017! Great idea Nate! (27-28 JAN 2017.)

Thank you to Rebecca Sprague for briefing us on the great parking garage prevention work and all the updates of the great work the Idaho DHW SP office is doing- it's energizing and encouraging! 

Thank you to the Volkers Family for carrying the ISPH banner in the NOV 2016 Boise Veterans Parade! You guys are so giving!

The SPAN West Idaho Chapter was organized and began regular meetings in January of 2009

SPAN Idaho Regional Chapters:

From its beginning, SPAN Idaho, as a grassroots organization, has encouraged and recognized the importance of regional and local involvement to prevent suicide. SPAN Idaho has developed regional Chapters who organize and conduct regional and local suicide prevention training, awareness campaigns, media education and many other activities. 

SPAN Idaho decided to use the same approach as the Department of Health and Welfare by organizing Idaho into seven Regions. Each Region serves several counties and has one or two larger communities which are the hub for service delivery in the counties they serve.